Start 10p phone dating

10p phone dating

All MMS messages sent to GN cost standard network rates.

In July 2015, all 084 and 087 numbers switched to the new two-part charging structure made up of a separate service charge and access charge.

The first 15 SMS you send to Chatbox are only 10p (25p thereafter) - you get 9 FREE for £1.50!

Read More We're on the milder side of the cold front you see here, and will likely clim into the upper 40s and low 50s ahead of it this afternoon.

Tonight it slips south across the state, producing just a few evening flurries or snow showers in the mountains, then leaving us with sunshine but highs only in the low to mid 30s on Sunday.

Read More Radar at AM showed precipitation echoes over about the southeastern half of our viewing area.

North of about Fayetteville to Goldsboro to Kinston, there may be some pockets of freezing rain, sleet or snow mixed in with the cold rain.

This includes 08710 numbers, 08711 numbers, 08717 numbers, 08718 numbers and all other numbers that start with the digits 0871, regardless of how the number is displayed or what the following digits are.

Numbers starting 0871 0 were orignally reserved for dial-up internet services, while other 0871 numbers were available for general use at a charge of up to 10p per minute from a BT landline.

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The first 15 SMS you send to Gay Network are only 10p (25p thereafter) - you get 9 FREE for £1.50!

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