Start 12 dating 16

12 dating 16

Not let them out on dates, but allow him over to see her and so you can get to know him too!

Hi = ) I'm 12 and I ended up dating a 16 well 15 year old. We talked and we wer into the same stuff and we liked each other.

However, there is little a 16 year old would have in common with a 12 year old. In the event that it was purely platonic, even the suggestion of any sort of sexual contact could potentially put the 16 year old in jeopardy, for life. A girl I knew who set us up dated sum1 around 16 and It didnt go well either.

It's probably not a good idea - since when the 16 year old becomes 'legal' for consensual sex at age 17, the 12 year old (now 13) is still under the age of consent, and even consensual relations could result in criminal charges.