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The Tell Beit Mirsim standard is an obsolete standard used for periods between EBIII to 701 BC until the 1970s, though it is still useful for eras earlier than the Late Bronze. Middle Iron I-Contemporary with a renewed Philistine settlement, lasting maximally from 1060 to 1020 BC by Finkelstein’s model. A small amount of Philistine bichrome originating from the Lebanese coast and from the area of Dor itself has been found in the earliest Iron Age stratum at Dor, demonstrating that Philistine bichrome was produced outside Philistia. X, Masos IIIB, Tel Beersheba IX, Jemmeh JK (V), Tel Sera VIII, Tel Haror B2, Mirsim B2, Halif VII, Ashkelon Grid 38 Phase 18 and Grid 50 Phase 9, Gath A6, Ashdod XIIIA and XII* and XI*, Tel Mor IV, Beth-Shemesh Levels 6* and 5 (“Stratum III”), Ekron VIB and VC and VB, Timnah V, Tell el-Ful I, Tell en-Nasbeh (Mizpah) IV, Gezer XIII and XII, et-Tell II**, Beitin Iron I Phase 3, Shiloh V*, Aphek X10, Qasile XII-XI, Rehov D-4, Dor Late Iron Ia Early (to c. In the Hill Country, David is said by the later Judahite traditions to have taken over the City of David, an unfortified village. First Phoenician script appears (Kefar Veradim, Early Byblian inscriptions [those before Shipitbaal], possibly Gezer Calendar).

The naming of these phases only incidentally corresponds to reality; little bronze was used in the EB and little iron was used in the Iron I. Tjeker/Sikil Dor was occupied by the Phoenicians in Iron Ia/b. The first Tripartite Pillared Buildings, serving the function of bazaars, appear at Tels Hadar and Qasile, to continue until the Assyrian conquests.

9,800 BC) Type sites include Jericho Stratum XIII/City Ia***. Due to the Bronze Age collapse, imports from Cyprus and Greece decline drastically during this period.

9300 BC) Type sites include Abu Madi (late in this phase), el-Khiam, Gesher (Phase I). 9300-8700 BC) Type sites include Jericho Stratum XII/City Ib***. As hieratic inscriptions from later than 1177 BC were found at Lachish and Tel ‘Sera, and a thriving Egyptian administration was found at Beth-Shean throughout this period, it is obvious Egyptian administration lasted well into the 12th C BC.

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