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A girls guide to dating a geek pdf

This application helps you to preserve your relationship with sender. What this app does is, it actually closes your internet connection when you open the popular whatsapp app.

Sometimes these tricks even provide you some functionality which whatsapp restricts in its whatsapp bundle.

Although many other popular messenger has provided this option in their app. You can not share file having format like .exe,.zip,.pdf,and etc.

But wait, here is the top whatsapp tricks Use a application called Cloud Send. EXE, APKs, etc, Word files and much more using Whats App.

This article whatsapp tricks will answer your queries like Over the past few years whatsapp has grown exponentially.

There are many whatsapp tricks which are not well known.

Here we have collected some of the best collection of whatsapp tips & tricks you might not aware of.

I bet many of these whatsapp hacks and tricks will be rarely known to you.

Whatsapp messenger is available for almost all platform like android, i OS, symbian, Blackberry etc.