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Accommodating employee incontinent

Unfortunately the problem you describe, in one form or another, is very common. Human nature leads people to do what they percieve to be in their best interest.

My step-dad passed away last summer, after he and my mother were married for 36 years.

Throughout their marriage, my mom controlled virtually every aspect of his life, including what he could say, what he should eat, what he should wear, who he could be friends with -- the list goes on and on.

For example, most of us understand that if one wants good service from a waiter or clerk, one needs to treat them with respect, which can be as simple as saying please and thank you.

My mum is my mum and I am surposed to love her and I do and god forbid when she dies I will be devestated but I hate her with a vengeance,she is a real nasty piece of work and her feeling is that she has a daughter an you only have a daughter to look after you in old age that is fine if the mother daughter relationship is good but if no matter what you do is not good enough how can you deal with the hate I also have issues with my mom.

To be fair the sister had other serious/terminal medical problems and battled depression for a long time; however, I think my mother gave her a push in that direction.

In part because I think my mother thought she would inherit my sister's assets.

I have two other siblings who basically don't call her very often and since I am the oldest, I get the brunt of her calls. Three years ago, for almost 12 months my beloved younger sister was my mother's caregiver.