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Accomodating multiple learning styles

Before the discomfort turned to pain, I was untied and ordered to stretch out.

While on previous visits I’ve spent the first part of my sentence isolated in a cell, this time I was placed in a corridor so that every time one of the Wardens walked past I could be slapped, struck or otherwise tormented – a real treat for this regular offender.

When looking at my Admission Form, Mistress Absolute warned (promised) that I could expect plenty of attention, and so it proved.

This was delightful, but also painful as I was wearing a chastity device.

Goddess Cleo also kept a watchful eye over proceedings, as well as engaging in some delightful play, and took great pleasure in the assembled gentlemen’s spaced-out expressions.

I was met at the allotted place by Foxtress and ordered to undress and join the party which was hosted by Goddess Cleo, Goddess Anastasia, Governess Painless and Mistress Eva all ably assisted by Foxtress.

I did not have a clue what to expect and I won’t spoil things by elaborating on what actually happened during the three hours which, by the way, seemed to fly past.

But yesterdays Duty Wardens, Mistress Absolute and the Foxtress, of course deserve more praise than that.