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Adult chat rooms in massachusetts

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Cloaked behind a username, stalkers can be difficult to identify.

Some repeatedly change usernames and accounts to slow down or deter the identification process.

It can involve the use of email, instant messaging, chat rooms, bulletin boards and/or other electronic communication devices to repeatedly harass or threaten another person.

The process of stalking a person in real life generally requires that the perpetrator and victim be in close physical proximity.

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Unwitting victims may post a treasure-trove of personal identifying data on social networking sites including their age, phone numbers, personal interests, and photographs.

Cyber stalkers can use Internet search engines to find out additional information they can use to harass their victims.

Frequently, the cyber stalker and the victim have had a prior relationship (either online or in real life) and the cyber stalking begins after the relationship has ended.

In some cases, however, cyber stalking is committed by strangers who have obtained a victim's personal information on the Internet.

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