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Made of two parts which are made of bone and fine whole piece of brass long and thin tube that narrows gradually to less than 1 mm diameter opening.

As ear trumpets are becoming quite rare, collectibles marketed as ear trumpets fetch higher prices than they would if accurately described. The earpiece is untypical and the hose is an uncovered modern item.

A banjo style ear trumpet made of metal and showing signs of wear as you would expect from an item dating from early 1900's. DOWLING LONDON 3 52 OL330 with a broad military arrow between the 3 & 52 indicating military issue Antique Ear Trumpet Hearing Aid From The 1800s. 8 in long, with a 3 in diameter opening rim to rim on the large copper flange.

Closed it measures about 19 cms open it is about 28 cms. It is in good vintage condition with no broken areas in the horn or copper flange.

This was made to secure the trumpet to the cane (a large screw can be viewed through it). NBThis item has a sharp earpiece that would be very uncomfortable and it is STRAIGHT !

I am sure this hole would originally have been plugged with a small disc of horn. Marked on'Florentine China Made in England'. I wrote to the seller who kindly agreed to post my question: please can you consider that this might be a broken phonograph horn ??


I GUESS IT IS LIKE A KAZOO LIKE BRASS INSTRUMENT, ALSO SOME USED IT AS "EAR TRUMPET" FOR THE HARD OF HEARINGAntique Ear Trumpet, Le Blanc & Co, Paris Hearing Horn Brass Ear Trumpet This lovely old brass Ear Trumpet is in VG condition (some dents- see pics) It looks to be a modified Le Blanc & Co Brass horn. It has a thin brass finger loop soldered to the throat.

The result is a strengthening of loudness to the eardrum and thus better hearing for people who have a hearing impairment. Although the ear trumpet amplifies noise, but is clearly offered only as a decoration suitable Rare ear trumpet made ​​of sheet copper. At the edge are smaller dents - see photo, otherwise a functional piece collection in altersentsprechendem, good condition. Antique-which means bumps, minor damage, sometimes patina, irregularities on the solder seams and traces are desired and to enhance the antique character.