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Gadsden is hilly, woodsy, blue-collar, and religious.

(Statewide, he received twice as many.) But I didn’t, in all my driving, see a single yard sign for Moore, the home-town son.

Three additional women told the that Moore had pursued them when they were in their teens and he was in his early thirties.

(On Monday, another woman, Beverly Young Nelson, said that Moore assaulted her when she was sixteen years old.

“A friend of mine told me he was banned from there,” he said. Some of the things he’s said recently, I’ve changed my tune completely about this guy.” He went on, explaining why Moore no longer appeals to him.

“When I heard what he said on ‘Hannity’ the other night,” he said, referring to an appearance Moore made on Sean Hannity’s radio show last Friday, “I almost stood straight up.

Most statewide Republican officeholders in Alabama say they're voting for Moore for U. I did not know them," Moore reiterated to the show's host, Bill Britt, referring to ads placed by Democratic challenger Doug Jones. I know a lot of people throughout my life, but these allegations are completely false." Moore attributed the accusations to "a simple political tactic" from his detractors to "degrade" him in the eyes of the Alabama voters.

Moore has been accused of making inappropriate sexual advances toward girls in their teens when he was in his 30s, but has vehemently defended himself against any wrongdoing.

“But it doesn’t go back that far.”He meant back to the early eighties, when Roy Moore was, many people say, a regular visitor to the mall.