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America american speed dating events florida

Holds various dance events throughout Arizona (and now Virginia), varying from all-inclusive historical balls to those focusing on a specific period, such as Victorian. Holds occasional assemblies in Southern California. How can one resist this tag line: "Do join us, especially if you're at least reasonably frivolous"?

(Note: as of 2009, seems to be on hold.) Los Soldados del Real Presidio de Santa Barbara.

Reenactment group in Santa Barbara recreating the Soldado de Cuera soldiers of the period 1769-1821; affiliated with the Santa Barbara Presidio restoration.

"The soldiers of the Presidio and their wives played an important role in the colonization of California, and the families of the military became the region's first non-native population." Bay Area English Regency Society (BAERS).

An eighteenth-century fort built on the banks of the Mississippi River near Prairie du Rocher. There look to be lots of interesting volunteer opportunities for costumed demonstrators, capped by the annual reenactment of the Siege of Fort Wayne (women and children welcome, too! "Be greeted by authentically garbed historic interpreters performing the duties that were necessary to sustain life at an isolated fort, from baking bread to drilling with muskets or cannon.

For a great explanation of buckskinning and an intensive list of events in the upper midwest for buckskinners and military reenactors, I strongly recommend a visit to Eddie Little Bear's Tipi. A pretty serious group of reenactors, but much less militarily focused than most. Has "a core group of reenactors in Alberta, but members from across North America benefit from the information in the club's quarterly publication, Northwest Journal." Worldcon. A five-day event hosted by Fort Toulouse and Jackson State Park in Wetumpka, a public-oriented living-history event in November.

As the name implies, this is in fact the product of a worldwide organization: the World Science Fiction Society. Well, for complex reasons, most Worldcons include a Regency ball. Also, "skilled reenactors such as the Tennessee Militiaman demonstrate the war of 1812 and the Creek war of 1813-1814 the first weekend of each month and the second week of November beginning November 6th." We Make History.

The organizers have had actors portraying local heroes; period music; an 1812-era gentlemen's duel; and a reenactment of the signing of the state constitution in the very 1809 courthouse in which it was originally signed! A living-history site interpreting various periods, including the 1823 William and Elizabeth Conner Home. Offers all kinds of events and classes, and uses volunteers to do costumed interpretation. Join 30,000 other attendees (as opposed to the military reenactors). Encampments, demonstrations, battle reenctments, competitions, and a trade fair take place throughout the weekend.