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Before that, Islamic scholars wrote on the ‘Duties of a Muslim Woman’ or ‘Roles of Muslim Women.’ These early scholars, writers and historians nonetheless, did often show through historical examples that Muslim women must not act like the women from ‘pre-Islamic time’ (pre-Islamic Age of Ignorance).

This is by no means an easy task since as when Muslims spread from Medina they categorically destroyed the old ways of life: temples, pagan poetry written on animal skins, idols of gods and goddesses etc, and Islamic history has practically no records written by women.

If you try Googling ‘Status of Women in Islam’, unsurprisingly you will be offered millions of results.

A more difficult task is to find out how women have been discussed in Islamic literature over the last 14 centuries (by men, to be precise). The words ‘Status of Women in Islam’ do not appear until the early 20 century.

This incident was recorded and used by early scholars to show that pre-Islamic women were wrong in exercising their sexual independence and freedom and that the Islamic model of patriarchal marriage and sex was licit and superior.