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However, the distance to Antares is not known with the same accuracy as modern measurements of its diameter.

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α Scorpii (Latinised to Alpha Scorpii) is the star's Bayer designation.

It also has the Flamsteed designation 21 Scorpii, as well as catalogue designations such as HR 6134 in the Bright Star Catalogue and HD 148478 in the Henry Draper Catalogue.

Antares can also be occulted by the planet Venus (called a planetary lunar occultation), but these events are extremely rare.

The last occultation of Antares by Venus took place on September 17, 525 BC; the next one will take place on November 17, 2400.

Other planets have been calculated not to have occulted Antares over the last millennium, and nor will this occur during the next millennium, as the planets following the ecliptic always pass northward of Antares due to the actual planetary node positions and inclinations.

Antares has a magnitude 5.5 companion star, Antares B, that changed from an angular separation (from its primary, Antares A) of 3.3 arcseconds in 1854 to 2.86 arcseconds in 1990.

It is the brightest, most massive, and most evolved stellar member of the nearest OB association (the Scorpius–Centaurus Association).

Antares is a member of the Upper Scorpius subgroup of the Scorpius–Centaurus Association, which contains thousands of stars with mean age 11 million years at a distance of approximately 170 parsecs (550 ly).

As a prominent infrared source, it appears in the Two Micron All-Sky Survey catalogue as 2MASS J16292443-2625549 and the Two Micron All-Sky Survey catalogue as IRAS 16262-2619.