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Atlanta dating line

It’s a perfect place for your family to ride bikes or walk and admire the artwork along the path.

Spark Saturdays include activities and games for kids and free admission with purchase of an adult ticket. Professional storytellers spin their tales here every Sat. King’s Nobel Peace Prize and one of the largest collection of materials about the American civil rights movement in the world. You can learn facts about the building including the “Mighty Mo,” the largest working Moller Theatre Organ in the world. It’s extreme monkey bar action in every direction: up, down, sideways, or a full 360 degree rotation. The museum covers more than 100 years of Villa Rica’s gold mining industry history. Train aficionados will appreciate the view overlooking the railroad tracks at New York Pizza Exchange, where trains pass by regularly. The Belt Line allows Atlantans to see their city in a new way, from trails and walkways connecting local neighborhoods.

The Museum features Waffle House memorabilia from the past 60 years. The planetarium recently upgraded its laser projection abilities to a 4K resolution system (from a 2K system) to keep in line with the current standards for planetariums.

After the show, don’t miss the Exhibit Hall full of live snakes and frogs and the unmanned Apollo 6 Command Module on display.

Older kids will love seeing the studies behind Ebola or the development of vaccinations, and traveling exhibits about global health. Go on a family scavenger hunt for the tiny and hidden doors of Atlanta.

They are hand-crafted and painted to go along with their locations; some even include tiny figurines and pets.

Enjoy the vibrancy of the city, while you and your kids enjoy parks, beautiful treelined streets with Victorian and Craftsman homes, and plenty of opportunities to eat and drink.

Learn about the history of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention right next to the world headquarters.

Meet animals of all species or climb high above like tree-dwelling animals in the new Treetop Trail. One of the biggest aquariums in the world, the Georgia Aquarium continues to grow with additions such as dolphin and sea lion shows and new fish and sea life. Here are some things your family can get excited about for next season. Play and eat in Grant Park, one of Atlanta’s oldest and most eclectic neighborhoods. We love the playgrounds, opportunities to eat and shop, and the artwork and murals along the paved trail.