Start Backdating social security retirement benefit

Backdating social security retirement benefit

Britain has a ‘Social Security Agreement’ with some countries to cover some Incapacity Benefit payments.

“I thought that I completely understood [Social Security strategies] but I sure didn’t understand the Medicare Part A/HSA complication.

Some Social Security Agreement countries will pay Incapacity Benefit to you if you lived and worked there but now live in the UK.

Contact the relevant authorities in other countries directly to claim benefit from them.

The Social Security Agreement countries are: Tell your local Jobcentre Plus well before you leave the UK if you plan to go to another country and get UK Incapacity Benefit.

Your UK National Insurance contributions may help you qualify for local benefits depending on the country.

Tell the Jobcentre Plus office dealing with your claim if your circumstances change - this can affect how much you get.

You must also tell them if you start any kind of permitted work.

Alternatively, if you claim Social Security benefits (including as a part of a “file and suspend” strategy) at any point after age 65, you’ll automatically be enrolled in Medicare Part A at that time.