Start Blackberry disconnected while updating

Blackberry disconnected while updating

Dropped calls, poor reception, incorrect music data, electrical problems, the navigation system is inoperable…..frustrated Ford drivers have called the 1-800 LEMON LAW hotline with all sort of Sync dilemmas.

The new top-up channel has made a real difference to PNG Power’s electricity customers in rural areas, who previously had to make long journeys to vending locations that were only open during the working day.

Many utilities are taking advantage of the rapidly rising levels of smartphone ownership globally to introduce apps for bill payment, prepaid account management, and energy monitoring.

When Ford and Microsoft teamed up to put together the ultimate entertainment and communication system, it received a tremendous amount of positive press.

Sync has a lofty goal, serving as an all-in-one unit that allows you to make hands-free calls, receive audible text messages, connect to google maps, and control your music settings.

Other innovations focus on payment automation and modernising existing payment channels.

Modernising the process of updating the user’s prepaid balance – Thick prepayment metering systems rely on the consumer to update the meter balance with the credit they’ve purchased using a key, card or voucher code.

And people want it to be as easy and convenient as possible.

This post looks at seven top-up innovations that could help do just that.

There are three broad areas of innovation relating to top-up processes: Making more flexible use of stored value – These days people store money in many different ways, including cash, bank accounts, mobile wallets, prepaid debit cards, mobile airtime, and of course on their prepaid utility balance.

There is innovation around giving consumers more flexibility to convert a wider range of stored money into prepaid energy credit.

The good news however is that State and Federal laws are on the drivers’ side.