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Facing Rejection The huge obstacle for Shys is when they're either doing the rejecting or being rejected in a relationship.

Or perhaps you resist moving on because you empathize so strongly.

In the end, though, it is the kindest approach you can take, because it ultimately leaves no room for false hope.

Another preparation strategy involves role-playing with a trusted friend. Go over scenarios that will have the former lover resisting the goodbye.

Either of these situations can cause a child to become highly self-critical as an adult.

Both invisibility and abundant disapproval become equated with not being good enough because a person learns to vigilantly self-monitor his or her actions to keep the peace (and avoid harm).

"I don't want to hurt their feelings," many shy singles have reported in my workshops, always cringing, even when it's the best decision. She had been dating Tom for two years and had been racking up credit card bills on airline tickets (it was a bicoastal relationship).

Trouble was, for various reasons, she knew he wasn't the man for her.

If you're the one who wants to end the relationship, try thinking that the sooner you say goodbye, the faster he can find somebody else who is more suited to him.