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She married secondly "Robertus de Quinci, Seierus de Quinci" were the first two lay witnesses of the charter dated 1200 which records the foundation of Inchaffray Abbey by "Gilbertus filius Fertheadcomes de Stradern et Matilidis filia Willelmi de Aubengni comitissa" [Judith] .

The 1157/58 Pipe Roll records "Matildi de Seinliz" in Essex and Hertfordshire under "Nova Placita & Noue Conuentiones", suggesting that this related to her dower land soon after the death of her husband [Wateville], daughter of ROBERT [Pain] Peverel & his wife [Adelisia ---] (-before 1190).

A manuscript history of the foundation of Barwell Priory names quatuor sorores Pagani filiasprimogenita Mathildis de Doure Alicia Roisia Ascelina de Waterville as the heiresses of Gul.

There seems little doubt that the witness was Orabilis, daughter of the donor, and her third husband as the name is so unusual.

"Orabilis filia et heres Di Nesii" donated property to St Andrews priory by undated charter witnessed by "Patricio filio Nesii, Dunc filio Elin", daughter of ---.

It was among these new lords that subsequent monarchs found candidates for new earldoms, Winchester (1207), March (1328), Suffolk (1337), Stafford (1351), and Westmoreland (1397). Saher de Quincy (died [1156/58]) is first recorded in the 1120s in England. The name is recorded in the Cambrai area in the early 11th century: the Gesta Episcoporum Cameracensium states that, after the death of Herluin Bishop of Cambrai, Seiherum fratrem [eius] [Saher] was sent to the emperor to protest about the invasion of episcopal territory by Walterus [castellanus].

He evidently soon rose to prominence, judging by his marriage to Matilda de Senlis of the family of the earls of Huntingdon. No other information has been found which indicates the origin of the brothers Saher and Herluin (see BISHOPS of CAMBRAI).

However, the (undated) charter of Saher Earl of Winchester, relating to the grant of Bukby, Grantesset, Bradcham and Herdwick resolves the matter conclusively as it clearly states that Hawise was the wife of his eldest son Robert.