Start Catalyst version not updating

Catalyst version not updating

I bought a new msi radeon 6670 and installed d cd drivers.....d catalyst control center was version 11.4 nd i tried to ipdate to 12.4...

(Warning: This tool removes "everything" AMD Catalyst related.

From registry keys to left over files) The link below brings you to AMD's download website.

Hello, I recently came into possession of an HD 6870x2 and, before installing it, uninstalled my current drivers (for the hd 5870) and did a drive sweep in safe mode.

I then ran the regular procedure to install the drivers.

When I checked my catalyst software tab, it showed that I had installed 12.3, when in fact I had downloaded 12.4.

I therefore updated directly from the vision control center, but to no avail, it remains at 12.3, and continuously prompts me to update.

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