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It probably should be mentioned that although Ignatius did use the expression "he katholike ekklesia" one time--he used it when addressing the Smyrnaeans (who we in the Church of God claim our descent through--hence we are the most faithful descendants of the original "catholic church"), while he used a version of the expression at "church of God" least four times in the other letters he wrote at that time (see The Church is catholic, that is, universal, open to all cultures, to all continents (Benedict XVI Makes Appeal for Solidarity With Africa. In the writings from the Second Council of Constantinople it uses the expression Church of God six times in reference to itself. Give no offense, either to the Jews or to the Greeks or to the church of God (1 Corinthians , NKJV). The first two “eras” of the Church of God (and the first two shown in the Book of Revelation) were those of Ephesus and Smyrna and lasted from the day of Pentecost in Acts 2 (c. The Roman Church also has a college of cardinals--cardinals are the "hinges" of the church and the concept comes from from pre-Christian times (please see the article Was Peter the Rock Who Alone Received the Keys of the Kingdom? The more prominent the Apostles become in the Evangelical narrative, the more conspicuous does Peter appear as the first among them. et imposuit Simoni nomen Petrus"; Luke -14: "Et cum dies factus esset, vocavit discipulos suos, et elegit duodecim ex ipsis (quos et Apostolos nominavit): Simonem, quem cognominavit Petrum . ." On various occasions Peter speaks in the name of the other Apostles (Matthew ; ; Luke , etc.). Few have ever noticed that Peter was the real leader. Is it logical that the one who wrote the last books of the Bible would be the primary leader of the church until he died? In the closing decades of the second century, Polycrates, a faithful church leader who had been personally trained by Polycarp, arose... Pentecost (Whitsunday) A feast of the universal Church which commemorates the Descent of the Holy Ghost upon the Apostles, fifty days after the Resurrection of Christ, on the ancient Jewish festival called the "feast of weeks" or Pentecost (Exodus ; Deuteronomy ). Now God's work was all finished at the beginning of the world; 4 as one text says, referring to the seventh day: And God rested on the seventh day after all the work he had been doing. The Scriptures enforce the religious observance of Saturday, a day which we never sanctify (Gibbons, James Cardinal. For it is called the first day of the week, and so from it are reckoned the second, third, fourth, and so on to the seventh day of the week, which is the Sabbath. The sacred text says that "on the seventh day God finished his work which he had done"..that God "rested on this day and sanctified and blessed it"... And it is not to be doubted but they derived this practice from the Apostles themselves, as appears by several scriptures to that purpose. We should not be like certain Muslims and whip our backs, while effectively saying, "Look at our suffering, God, so hear us." The late John Ogwyn wrote: Godly Sorrow Leads to Repentance Many people equate repentance with being sorry. Specifically, Simon Stock’s apparition (which could not have been Mary) indicates that one can sin and not suffer the flames of eternal torment if they die wearing a scapular. The fact that Lucia endorsed the scapular, as well as the rosary, should also show all that her “private revelations” were beyond scripture and Catholic dogma as well. In the fourth century, Aphraates wrote: Clearly the congregation of the house of Israel, to which the ten commandments were given. But He who raised Him up from the dead will raise up us also, if we do His will, and walk in His commandments, and love what He loved, keeping ourselves from all unrighteousness, covetousness, love of money, evil speaking, falsewitness; "not rendering evil for evil, or railing for railing," or blow for blow, or cursing for cursing (Polycarp. From Ante-Nicene Fathers, Volume 1as edited by Alexander Roberts & James Donaldson. Jesus kept and taught the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20:1-17; Deuteronomy ; 10:4). He opposed reverence for crosses, emphasis on huge church edifices, the fable of purgatory, prayers for the dead with their inevitable heavy bribes paid to the greedy religious leaders who falsely claimed to represent God. While we in the COG are still opposed to idols and icons, the Roman Catholic Church eventually embraced them. The sect denied the formula "ever-Virgin Mary" used in the Greek and Roman Liturgies. But ultimately our study lies in drawing on what we know from these ends, and reconstructing the development in-between. The Judeo-Centricity of Early Christianity ‘ is the Greek word meaning “meeting” and is the organic continuity of the Saturday Synagogue worship. 604), the early Church having used the expression the "breaking of bread" (fractio panis) or "liturgy" (Acts 13:2, leitourgountes); the Greek Church has employed the latter name for almost sixteen centuries. Our hymns are almost all psalms and other biblical passages set to music (they can be found here: ). There are two Eucharistic elements, bread and wine, which constitute the remote matter of the Sacrament of the Altar... The loaves discovered in an oven of a bakery at Pompeii weighed about a pound each. GOD IS SPIRIT, GOD IS LOVE “God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth” (John , NKJV used throughout). Semiarians/binitarians were essentially the majority of professors of Christ until the latter portion of the fourth century--and those in the true Church of God never accepted this change towards pagan beliefs. We in the real COG do not accept that the Sabbath was transferred to Sunday. He who descended is he who also ascended far above all the heavens." ... The fact that Irenaeus states that things are clear and unambiguous in the Sacred Scriptures (and he only refers to the New Testament teachings in the above passages) is clear evidence that he felt that the canon was known. Therefore, do not be sceptical, but believe; for I myself also used to disbelieve that this would take place, but now, having taken these things into consideration, I believe. "Signum sacro sanctum efficax gratiae" -- a sacrosanct sign producing grace, is a good, succinct definition of a sacrament of the New Law... Or who will be our advocate, if we have not been found to have holy and righteous works? However some other Catholic writers do not seem to understand this (and some of those quotes are in the later section on the Millennium). Therefore their preaching is three years and six months, and the kingdom of Antichrist as much again.

As a young man, Polycarp had been a personal disciple of John and had observed the Passover with him on several occasions. The preserved history of the Sabbath-keeping Church of God has been almost entirely written by its enemies who viewed it as heretical (Ogwyn J. Throughout Christian history, the true church has normally used a version of the expression “Church of God” (or Church of Christ, cf. Zenit, October 15, 2015 Truth, and not what is "merely fashionable," must guide Christians as they enter into dialogue with those who hold different philosophies or religious beliefs, Pope Benedict XVI said..."People were created by God, who is truth, in order to find truth and not to settle for "the myths of custom, cultural habits or the fashion of the moment," he said. Contend earnestly for the faith once for all delivered to the saints (Jude 3, NKJV), Let brotherly love (Philadelphia) continue (Hebrews 13:1)…continuing stedfastly in the teaching of the apostles (Acts YLT)... The combination "the Catholic Church" (he katholike ekklesia) is found for the first time in the letter of St. But by the fourth century, Catholic became recognized as the name for what we know commonly know as the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches--even though they no longer held to the practices of the Smyrnaeans that Ignatius wrote to, when he used it originally. Nor is there any indication that the true Church should be forever based out of a single city or from Rome... But contrariwise when they had seen that to me was committed the Gospel of the prepuce, as to Peter of the circumcision 8. Still others..called 'Quartodecimans", because they wanted Easter to always be on the quartodecima die, the fourteenth day, of the Jewish month of Nisan, when Passover is. In fact, whole segments of Christianity split with the Church over this issue (Johnson, Kevin Orlin. To these things all the Asiatic Churches testify, as do also those men who have succeeded Polycarp down to the present time (Irenaeus. Book III, Chapter 4, Verse 3 and Chapter 3, Verse 4). More about the practices of the Smyrnaeans is included in the article Location of the Early Church: Another Look at Ephesus, Smyrna, and Rome. Sabbath-keeping in Asia Minor was publicly still going on to at least 364 A. or else the Eastern Church would not have convened a Council in Laodicea to excommunicate any who rested on the seventh day as it declared, CANON XXIX. We must come to God acknowledging our sin with no excuses, and recognizing our utter lack of self-sufficiency to transform ourselves. It is true that Catholics do not think that revelation ended with what is in the New Testament. John Cardinal Farley, Archbishop of New York ) In other words, even the rosary, one of the foundations of Catholic living, is admitted to have entered the Catholic world through "private revelation"--a tradition outside the Bible (the rosary "revelation" was supposedly given to "St. As commonly divided, it is a collection of 66 books, with 39 from the Hebrew scriptures (The Old Testament Canon) and 27 from the Greek Scriptures (The New Testament Canon). II, Question lxxi), and was adopted by the Council of Trent... This is the first and the great commandment" (Matthew ). (A Treatise concerning Antichrist, Purgatory, the Invocation of Saints, and the Sacraments" as shown in Jones, William. Thus if the Roman position is true, it would seem to contradict Jesus’ teaching, as it would seem to be easier for a rich man/woman to get into heaven than a poor one who could not have as much almsgiving on his/her behalf. But even if all these facts did not exist, your own sagacity would prompt you to watch with diligence and with prayer, lest your pure minds should appear to share in the customs of a people so utterly depraved. A priest may say only one Mass each day, except that on Christmas Day he may say three (Adrian Fortescue. It seems that the form differed but little from what it is in our day. Unclean Meats Now the law has figuratively predicted all these, delineating man by the [various] animals: whatsoever of these, says [the Scripture], have a double hoof and ruminate, it proclaims as clean; but whatsoever of them do not possess one or other of these [properties], it sets aside by themselves as unclean... The "Liber Pontificalis" ascribes to Pope Eleutherius a decree that no kind of food should be despised by Christians (Et hoc iterum firmavit ut nulla esca a Christians repudiaretur, maxime fidelibus, quod Deus creavit, quæ tamen rationalis et humana est). In the flux of history, the papacy has been, not a mere spectator, but a major player. The Apostle Paul taught “we are ambassadors for Christ” (2 Corinthians ; Ephesians ). Therefore they must be slain by Antichrist (Victorinus. And I will grant my two witnesses power to prophesy for one thousand two hundred and sixty days, clothed in sackcloth. This prince shall extend his dominion over the total universe.

The next faithful leader in Asia Minor..Polycarp, bishop of Smyrna. The true Church, symbolized by a woman in Revelation 12, was forced to flee into the wilderness..true Church’s history is not about one continuous human organization. The predominant biblical name of the true Church in the New Testament is “Church of God.” Variants of this expression are clearly stated singular and plural forms in twelve different places in the New Testament (Acts ; 1 Corinthians 1:2; ; ,22; ;15:9; 2 Corinthians 1:1; Galatians ; 1 Thessalonians ; 2 Thessalonians 1:4; 1 Timothy 3:5,15). Synod Turns to More Tough Issues At Press Briefing, a Reminder That “Church Has No Authority or Power to Change the Word of God”. Thus we meet such phrases as the "the catholic resurrection" (Justin Martyr), "the catholic goodness of God" (Tertullian), "the four catholic winds" (Irenaeus), where we should now speak of "the general resurrection", "the absolute or universal goodness of God", "the four principal winds", etc... The term universal or "Catholic" was not in the Bible or shown in early writings to be the name of the true Church, simply a description of one aspect of it. That the terms bishop and presbyter are synonymous is evident from Titus 1:5-7: "I left thee in Crete, that thou shouldest . However, he was only one of 12 original apostles, and there is nothing in scripture that suggests that the place of his death (which is not known as a certainty) should become the permanent headquarters for the true church. But Polycarp also was not only instructed by apostles, and conversed with many who had seen Christ, but was also, by apostles in Asia, appointed bishop of the Church in Smyrna…always taught the things which he had learned from the apostles, and which the Church has handed down, and which alone are true. The Roman Catholics do not keep various practices of the faithful Smyrnaeans such as Passover on the 14th or the days of unleavened bread. Pentecost (Jewish Feast) The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume XI. Since Asia Minor (including Smyrna) was a Gentile area, the terms preparation and Sabbath would not have been relevant. Excerpted from Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, Series One, Volume 1. The Bible defines sin for us by telling us in 1 John 3:4: "To commit sin is to break God's law: sin, in fact, is lawlessness" (NEB). Paul explained in Romans 7:7 that he would have had no way of knowing that lust was a sin except that the law, the Tenth Commandment, said, "You shall not covet." Repentance involves a mindset of unconditional surrender to God of our life and our will. THE HOLY BIBLE The Holy Bible is the inspired Word of God. Augustine (fifth century) in his book of "Questions of Exodus" ("Quæstionum in Heptateuchum libri VII", Bk. "You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. He seduces the people from Christ, drawing off their minds from seeking those blessings in him, by a lively faith in God, in Jesus Christ, and in the Holy Spirit, and teaching his followers to expect them by the *will and pleasure and works of Antichrist. Yet, the Roman Church indicates that giving money on behalf of the dead helps them. There is a heaven, i.e., God will bestow happiness and the richest gifts on all those who depart this life free from original sin and personal mortal sin, and who are, consequently, in the state of justice and friendship with God (Hontheim, Joseph. Further, it is quite likely that the mention of the Blessed Virgin in the intercessions of the diptychs of the liturgy goes back to the days before the Council of Nicaea, but we have no definite evidence upon the point, and the same must be said of any form of direct invocation, even for purposes of private devotion (Herbert Thurston. Inasmuch, then, as the Church offers with single-mindedness, her gift is justly reckoned a pure sacrifice with God..bread over which thanks have been given is the body of their Lord, and the cup His blood (Irenaeus. "For we could never tolerate celebrating the Passover twice in one year. The Mass is the complex of prayers and ceremonies that make up the service of the Eucharist in the Latin rites... For a time the Saint was denounced as a heretic and the symbol regarded as idolatrous...(Cruz JC. (1 Corinthians -24, Douay-Rheims) ..first Christians...simply used the bread that served as food. For as the pomegranate, with the rind containing it, has within it many cells and compartments which are separated by tissues, and has also many seeds dwelling in it, so the whole creation is contained by the spirit of God, and the containing spirit is along with the creation contained by the hand of God (Theophilus of Antioch. Wicked angels who followed Satan are in chains of darkness, imprisoned for their own folly (Jude 6). Read it: "When once the long suffering of God waited in the days of Noah, while the ark was a preparing ...." That's when Jesus preached to the spirits or wicked angels — in the days of Noah, not during the time He was dead and buried in the grave! Not only is this not taught in the Bible, it is a violation of the sign Jesus said would prove His Messiahship in Matthew . March 21, 2015) As neither group teaches that Jonah descended to Hades to preach to humans, this is something that should not be taught, though this descent doctrine is taught as dogma by the Church of Rome. He also decreed that no kind of food in common use should be rejected especially by the Christian faithful, inasmuch as God created it; provided it was a rational food and fit for human kind (Book of the Pontiffs (Liber Pontificalis) 2nd edition. Liverpool University Press - Translated Texts for Historians, Liverpool, 2001, p.17). Also, in another sense, standing in the presence of the lord of the earth, that is, in the presence of Antichrist. , and in a special way France, and in France especially the provinces of the north, of the east, and above all that of Lorraine and Champagne, shall have been laid waste by the greatest miseries and trials, then the provinces shall be comforted by a prince who had been exiled in his youth, and who shall recover the crown of the lilies.

The terms Catholic, Holy See, and Roman Catholic may be used interchangeably here to refer to the church whose headquarters occupies Vatican City. 566) And since both the Roman Catholic Church and COG consider that there is true Christianity, documenting the beliefs of both groups should assist any pursing honest inquiry. The list of his successors in the see is known, from Linus, Anacletus, and Clement, who were the first to follow him, down to the reigning pontiff. Both proclaim that the true church has the same mission and the same teachings as the apostles. He established firmly in the latter city a famous centre of Christian life... John traveled much throughout Asia Minor and has always been credited with the first establishment of many of its episcopal sees... Peter, too, preached the Christian Faith in Asia Minor (Shahan, Thomas J. LIMBUS PATRUM Though it can hardly be claimed, on the evidence of extant literature, that a definite and consistent belief in the limbus patrum of Christian tradition was universal among the Jews, it cannot on the other hand be denied that, more especially in the extra-canonical writings of the second or first centuries B. It is manifest that the fire destroys the wood of our transgressions and then returns to us the reward of our great works." (P. Roman Catholic Church: In the thirteenth century, the famed Catholic theologian Thomas Aquinas wrote the following: Nothing is clearly stated in Scripture about the situation of Purgatory, nor is it possible to offer convincing arguments on this question. But after these things he must be released for a little while.

The term Catholic is not intended to convey the Anglican, Eastern Orthodox, or other non-Roman Catholic churches, though in some early writings cited (prior to 200 A. 2104 "All men are bound to seek the truth, especially in what concerns God and his Church, and to embrace it and hold on to it as they come to know it." (Catechism of the Catholic Church. The Original and True Church Both the Roman Catholic Church and COG teach that they are the original and true Church, but because of their many differences, only one still could be. The Church has ever seen in the occupant of the See of Rome the successor of Peter in the supreme pastorate (Joyce G. And of course, there is no legitimate type of apostolic succession without that. C., some such belief finds repeated expression; and New Testament references to the subject remove all doubt as to the current Jewish belief in the time of Christ Whatever name may be used in apocryphal Jewish literature to designate the abode of the departed just, the implication generally is In the New Testament, Christ refers by various names and figures to the place or state which Catholic tradition has agreed to call the limbus patrum... It is probable, however, and more in keeping with the statements of holy men and the revelations made to many, that there is a twofold place of Purgatory. And I saw thrones, and they sat on them, and judgment was committed to them.

Revelation 2 and 3 shows the history of the church... The true church is mentioned in Revelation 12..was a persecuted church..was always small... The true Church has always had its biblical name... As explained in a press conference today, between Wednesday afternoon and this morning there was a total of 93 interventions from synod fathers. For you have heard of my former conduct in Judaism, how I persecuted the church of God beyond measure and tried to destroy it (Galatians , NKJV). The church of God which sojourns at Smyrna to the church of God which sojourns in Philomelium (The Martyrdom of Polycarp. The Apostolic Fathers--Greek Text and English Translations, 3rd printing 2004. Throughout Christian history, the true church has normally used a version of the expression “Church of God” (or Church of Christ, cf. 1076 The Church was made manifest to the world on the day of Pentecost by the outpouring of the Holy Spirit (Catechism of the Catholic Church. (Statement of Beliefs of the Continuing Church of God, accessed 09/04/13) Strictly speaking, both groups believe that God had followers since Abel, but that a distinctly Christian Church was obvious by Pentecost in Acts chapter 2. Frequently the Saviour turns specially to Peter (Matthew ; Luke , etc.) (Kirsch, Johann Peter. Peter, Prince of the Apostles." The Catholic Encyclopedia. The Jerusalem conference showed that PETER was preeminent over even Paul, although Paul was the ONE MAN God worked through primarily in the ministry to gentiles... (Statement of Beliefs of the Continuing Church of God, accessed 09/04/13) Peter was one of the original 12 apostles chosen By Christ. It would be illogical that John, an original apostle, would be subservient to any of the four claimed “bishops of Rome” (after Peter) while he lived. Polycrates wrote Victor: "We therefore observe the genuine day [Passover]; neither adding thereto nor taking therefrom. All these observed the fourteenth day of the Passover according to the gospel deviating in no respect, but following the rule of faith… Whitsunday, as a Christian feast, dates back to the first century... 6 It remains the case, then, that there would be some people who would reach it, and since those who first heard the good news were prevented from entering by their refusal to believe…9 There must still be, therefore, a seventh-day rest reserved for God's people, 10 since to enter the place of rest is to rest after your work, as God did after his. But they passing through Perge, came to Antioch in Pisidia: and entering into the synagogue on the day of the Sabbaths, they sat down... Excerpted from Volume I of The Ante-Nicene Fathers (Alexander Roberts and James Donaldson, editors); American Edition copyright © 1885. For although almost all churches throughout the world celebrate the sacred mysteries on the sabbath of every week, yet the Christians of Alexandria and at Rome, on account of some ancient tradition, have ceased to do this. The concept of penance is that certain good actions can atone for previous bad ones. I should perhaps add that a Catholic woman, who owns some scapulars, specifically told me that Catholics should not wear the scapular as a “good luck charm” and that repentance is necessary for salvation for humans. Catholics who accept Simon Stock as a saint should ask themselves if he was correct, why Catholic dogma would teach the following (bolding in original): The fact that Simon Stock stated that all one had to do was to die while wearing a scapular, to avoid the punishment "capital sins" is opposed to Catholic dogma (Ott, cf. And when they had lost this first commandment, also the nine which are after it they could not keep, because on the first depend the nine (Aphrahat. Called also simply THE COMMANDMENTS, COMMANDMENTS OF GOD, or THE DECALOGUE (Gr. Matthew -48, ), Jesus fulfilled the prophecy that He “would exalt the law and make it honorable” (Isaiah ). Actually, the Waldensians considered purgatory to be a doctrine of Antichrist, and the following appears to be from the 12th century:.. Mary Was Not Originally Adored Both groups agree that Mary was not originally adored. Certain Arians, Eudocius and Eunomius, were great supporters of the teaching. The original liturgies would have been held, like the synagogue service, in Hebrew, and some of the words, like “amen” and “hallelujah,” survive to this day. With the name "Love Feast" (agape) the idea of the sacrifice of the Mass was not necessarily connected..Church intends the Mass to be regarded as a "true and proper sacrifice", and will not tolerate the idea that the sacrifice is identical with Holy Communion... That is consistent with what Jesus' early true followers did. The Catholic Church is aware of no other tradition and in this respect she has ever been one with the Greeks. Eventually the right meaning was lost, and erroneous interpretation of IHS led to the faulty orthography "Jhesus"... Innovations like that were NOT part of the earliest tradition of the Christian church and although they were denounced, have been adopted by supporters of Rome. “God is love” (1 John 4:8,18) (The Ten Commandments Reflect Love, Breaking them is Evil). Knight).) and the Father, but so as to represent the Former as a Divine Person almost completely separate from God (Ditheism) and at the same time altogether subordinate to the Father (Subordinationism)... But all of these blaspheme the Holy Spirit, and do not count him in the Godhead with the Father and the Son (Epiphanius. It should be noted that birthdays were not even observed by early Christianity. Such is the case for all the dead, whether evil or righteous, while they await the Redeemer: which does not mean that their lot is identical, as Jesus shows through the parable of the poor man Lazarus who was received into "Abraham's bosom": "It is precisely these holy souls, who awaited their Savior in Abraham's bosom, whom Christ the Lord delivered when he descended into hell." Jesus did not descend into hell to deliver the damned, nor to destroy the hell of damnation, but to free the just who had gone before him. Christ did the preaching, NOT during the three days and nights when He was DEAD in the tomb (I Cor. Admitting, therefore, the proof which events happening as predicted afford, I do not disbelieve, t (sic) I believe, obedient to God, whom, if you please, do you also submit to, believing Him, lest if now you continue unbelieving, you be convinced hereafter, when you are tormented with eternal punishments; which punishments, when they had been foretold by the prophets, the later-born poets and philosophers stole from the holy Scriptures, to make their doctrines worthy of credit. The same enumeration had been made in the Decree for the Armenians by the Council of Florence (1439), in the Profession of Faith of Michael (Kennedy D. For this soul has a resurrection in them that believe, the body receiving the soul again, and along with it, by the power of the Holy Spirit, being raised up and entering into the kingdom of God (Irenaeus, St., Bishop of Lyon. The Demonstration of the Apostolic Preaching, Chapter 42. The kingdom of god means, then, the ruling of God in our hearts; it means those principles which separate us off from the kingdom of the world and the devil; it means the benign sway of grace; it means the Church as that Divine institution whereby we may make sure of attaining the spirit of Christ and so when that ultimate kingdom of God Where He reigns without end in "the holy city, the New Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God" (Revelation 21:2) (Pope H. For all afflictions, however many there are, shall be sent by their messengers in their word.

Rome, October 15, 2015 ( Rocío Lancho García The Synod of Bishops is debating the third part of the Instrumentum Laboris, on “The Mission of the Family Today,” which includes some of the most delicate issues regarding the support of families in difficult situations and suffering. Here is one of them: But we, having a commandment to exhort the people with right doctrine, and to speak to the heart of Jerusalem, that is, the Church of God, do rightly make haste to sow in righteousness, and to reap the fruit of life; and kindling for ourselves the light of knowledge from the holy Scriptures, and the doctrine of the Fathers, we have considered it necessary to comprehend in certain Capitula, both the declaration of the truth, and the condemnation of heretics, and of their wickedness (Second Council of Constantinople, A. Or do you despise the church of God and shame those who have nothing? For I am the least of the apostles, who am not worthy to be called an apostle, because I persecuted the church of God (1 Corinthians 15:9, NKJV). The predominant biblical name of the true Church in the New Testament is “Church of God.” Variants of this expression are clearly stated singular and plural forms in twelve different places in the New Testament (Acts ; 1 Corinthians 1:2; ; ,22; ;15:9; 2 Corinthians 1:1; Galatians ; 1 Thessalonians ; 2 Thessalonians 1:4; 1 Timothy 3:5,15). 31) until about the mid-fifth century (whose followers were sometimes called Nazarenes by outsiders–the Continuing Church of God traces its history through the original Nazarenes of the first through fifth centuries). In the list of the Twelve on the occasion of their solemn call to the Apostolate, not only does Peter stand always at their head, but the surname given him by Christ is especially emphasized (Matthew 10:2): "Duodecim autem Apostolorum nomina haec: Primus Simon qui dicitur Petrus. ."; Mark -16: "Et fecit ut essent duodecim cum illo, et ut mitteret eos praedicare . When Christ's words are addressed to all the Apostles, Peter answers in their name (e.g., Matthew ). Acts 15: Here is the crux chapter, not generally understood... Among these are John, who was both a witness and a teacher, who reclined upon the bosom of the Lord...observed the fourteenth day of the passover according to the Gospel, deviating in no respect, but following the rule of faith. Since John seemingly outlived Peter and all the other original apostles, it should be no surprise that church leadership would have transferred to him. Victor of Rome sought to intimidate the churches of Asia Minor into conforming to the Roman Easter practice. Whitsunday is so called from the white garments which were worn by those who were baptised during the vigil; Pentecost ("Pfingsten" in German), is the Greek for "the fiftieth"... 5 And, again, the passage above says: They will never reach my place of rest. Paul visited many parts of Asia Minor and established there the first Christian churches; in the thirteenth and fourteenth chapters of Acts there is a vivid and circumstantial description of all the chief phases of his Apostolic activity (Asia Minor. But this is what we are most at a loss about: that you, professing to be pious, and supposing yourselves better than others, are not in any particular separated from them, and do not alter your mode of living from the nations, in that you observe no festivals or Sabbaths…you do not obey His commandments (Dialogue with Trypho. Translated by Alexander Roberts and James Donaldson. Excerpted from Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, Second Series, Volume 2. But from Lord's Day to Lord's Day is eight days...(Augustine. But for us a new day has dawned..eighth day (Catechism of the Catholic Church, 345,349. But real repentance is not simply "being sorry," nor is it the equivalent of the penance practiced by some religions. Obviously, any who believe his claims about the scapular must accept that repentance (which the Bible requires for salvation, Acts ) or confession (as understood by the Church of Rome) is not necessary. Neither the wearing of a scapular nor the recitation of the rosary is even listed as part of Catholic dogma in (Ott, cf. According to Priest Gobbi, on February 26, 1991, another apparition claimed: The scapular and the rosary are . They lost the first commandment—that in which He warned them saying:—I am the Lord your God, Who brought you up from the land of Egypt. In the, New Testament through various teachings (e.g. Converted followers gathered around Peter of Bruys. Freed from the errors of Cathars and Catholics, a spiritual gospel was once again being widely preached (LESSON 51 (1968) AMBASSADOR COLLEGE BIBLE CORRESPONDENCE COURSE "And the woman fled into the wilderness, where she hath a place ..." Rev. Since purgatory is not a biblical reality, it would make sense that those with true Church of God would oppose such concepts. An article of possible interest may be What Did the Early Church Teach About Idols and Icons? The earliest reference to this sect appears in Tertullian, and the doctrines taught by them are expressly mentioned by Origen (Homilia in Lucam, III, 940). When the Christians were no longer allowed in the synagogues, they continued celebrating approximately the same rite with added Christian developments and themes. There were current in the early days of Christianity other terms... In our services, we teach as well as actually "contend earnestly for the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints" (Jude 3). The first element is wheaten bread (panis triticeus), without which the "confection of the Sacrament does not take place" (Missale Romanum: De defectibus, sect. The second Eucharistic element required is wine of the grape (vinum de vite)... One of these, being perfectly preserved, measured about seven inches in diameter and was creased with seven ridges which facilitated the breaking of the loaf without the aid of a knife. From the third century the names of our Saviour are sometimes shortened, particularly in Christian inscriptions (IH and XP, for Jesus and Christus). These Greek monograms continued to be used in Latin during the Middle Ages. 127) Notice that the IHS and the use of the sun as a symbols were innovations according to a book with the Imprimaturs of a Catholic bishop and that the promoter was properly condemned as a heretic when he initially promoted them. God’s ways are higher than those of humankind (Isaiah 55:9). Although Catholic writers have had many definitions of binitarians or "Semi-Arians" (most of which disagree with the Church of God position), one that somewhat defines the binitarian view would possibly be this one from Epiphanius in the mid-4th Century, Semi-Arians..the truly orthodox view of the Son, that he was forever with the Father..has been begotten without beginning and not in time... Nor do we accept a transfer from Passover to Easter, or the addition on non-biblical holidays. 633 Scripture calls the abode of the dead, to which the dead Christ went down, "hell" - in Greek - because those who are there are deprived of the vision of God. Your Bible plainly states the TIME element in these verses. Whereas up to the year 175 there was not a single Christian soldier, in 416, by an edict of Theodosius, only Christians were allowed to enlist (De Rosa, Peter. For all the apostles taught that there were indeed two testaments among the two peoples; but that it was one and the same God who appointed both for the advantage of those men (for whose sakes the testaments were given) who were to believe in God (Irenaeus. At the same time, I met with the sacred Scriptures of the holy prophets, who also by the Spirit of God foretold the things that have already happened, just as they came to pass, and the things now occurring as they are now happening, and things future in the order in which they shall be accomplished. The Council of Trent solemnly defined that there are seven sacraments of the New Law, truly and properly so called, viz., Baptism, Confirmation, Holy Eucharist, Penance, Extreme Unction, Orders, and Matrimony. For such is the state of those who have believed, since in them continually abides the Holy Spirit, who was given by Him in baptism, and is retained by the receiver, if he walks in truth and holiness and righteousness and patient endurance. As published in SOCIETY FOR PROMOTING CHRISTIAN KNOWLEDGE. As men grew to understand the Divinity of Christ they grew to see that the kingdom of God was also that of Christ -- it was here that the faith of the good thief excelled: "Lord, remember me when thou shalt come into thy kingdom." So, too, as men realized that this kingdom stood for a certain tone of mind, and saw that this peculiar spirit was enshrined in the Church, they began to speak of the Church as "the kingdom of God"... Current Similarities in Prophetic Understandings--The Two Witnesses While the Church of Rome and Church of God have many differences about the final two witnesses, there seems to be agreement among some leaders in both groups about who the two witnesses are like. "If any man will hurt them, fire proceeds out of their mouth, and devours their enemies." That fire proceeds out of the mouth of those prophets against the adversaries, bespeaks the power of the world.

1 Corinthians 1:2) or another word, with it (1 Timothy ). (Statement of Beliefs of the Continuing Church of God, accessed 09/07/13) The Roman Catholic Church teaches the same visible organization (though its other literature suggests it somewhat includes autonomous groups, like the Eastern Orthodox) is the true Church. This tracing provides information that demonstrates that the true Church of God (COG) is neither Protestant nor Eastern Orthodox nor Roman Catholic, but is truly the church that holds the same beliefs as the original apostles. The words run: "Wheresoever the bishop shall appear, there let the people be, even as where Jesus may be, there is the universal [katholike] Church." However, in view of the context, some difference of opinion prevails as to the precise connotation of the italicized word..the beginning of the fourth century it seems to have almost entirely supplanted the primitive and more general meaning... 155) to "the bishop of the catholic church in Smyrna" (Letter on the Martyrdom of St. The doctrine of the Church as set forth by the Apostles after the Ascension is in all respects identical with the teaching of Christ just described. Peter, in his first sermon, delivered on the day of Pentecost, declares that Jesus of Nazareth is the Messianic king (Acts ). Thus it does not appear that Peter was considered to be the bishop of Rome during Paul's lifetime (and they both died about the same time) as Rome was clearly a Gentile area. And in this state of affairs they held fellowship with each other; and Anicetus conceded to Polycarp in the Church the celebration of the Eucharist, by way of showing him respect (Irenaeus. Translated by Alexander Roberts and James Donaldson. To these things all the Asiatic Churches testify, as do also those men who have succeeded Polycarp down to the present time -- a man who was of much greater weight, and a more stedfast witness of truth, than Valentinus, and Marcion, and the rest of the heretics. Anyhow the heresies are at best novelties, and have no continuity with the teaching of Christ. But if any shall be found to be judaizers, let them be anathema from Christ (THE COMPLETE CANONS OF THE SYNOD OF LAODICEA IN PHRYGIA PACATIANA). We must then continue to search our lives and be willing to confess our sins and shortcomings as we discover them. While the Church of Rome tends to claim that its beliefs come from sacred scripture or the traditions of the original apostles, the idea of auricular confession and penance did not come from either source--they are late heresies, essentially adopted from non-Christian sources. History of Auricular Confession and the 'Sacrament of Confession' 09/04/13) The COG considers repentance and confession to God necessary for Christians. Every discussion of revelation notes that revelation ended when the last apostle died. Catholicism and fundamentalism: the attack on "Romanism" by "Bible Christians." Ignatius Press, 1988, p. [Correct] traditions..right and decent standards derived from biblical principles (Mc Nair R. This is a major difference between the COG and the Roman Catholics (an article of possible interest may be Tradition and the Bible). Another division has been adopted by the English and Helvetian Protestant churches on the authority of Philo Judæus, Josephus, Origen, and others, whereby two Commandments are made to cover the matter of worship, and thus the numbering of the rest is advanced one higher; and the Tenth embraces both the Ninth and Tenth of the Catholic division. Commandment 2 "You shall worship the LORD your God, and Him only you shall serve" (Matthew ). In the Middle Ages, the doctrine of purgatory was rejected by the Albigenses, Waldenses, and Hussites. Purgatory as the Romans teach it, clearly was not an original part of "the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints " (Jude 3). 09/07/13) It should be noted that the COG considers that it practices apostolic Christianity and that some of the Albigenses, Cathari, Waldenses, Bogomils, and Vaudois were part of the COG and thus historically, the COG has never accepted the Roman Catholic Church doctrine of purgatory--please see Did the Early Church Teach Purgatory? For more on history, please also see the article The Churches of Revelation 2 & 3. 135 taught, For I choose to follow not men or men's doctrines, but God and the doctrines [delivered] by Him. One day has our Saviour set apart for a commemoration of our deliverance, namely, of His most holy Passion" (Theodoret of Cyrus. Excerpted from Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, Second Series, Volume 3. One of these, being perfectly preserved, measured about seven inches in diameter and was creased with seven ridges which facilitated the breaking of the loaf without the aid of a knife. The finger of the Lord-the Holy Spirit, by whose operation the tables of the law in Exodus are said to have been written (Melito. But as to those animals which do indeed chew the cud, but have not the double hoof, and are themselves unclean..Lord says, "Why call ye Me Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say to you? Hence the Catholics (and the Protestants that follow this edict) are relying on a pronouncement of a bishop of Rome. Popes have divided the known and yet to be discovered world between colonial powers..plunged nations and continents into war (Duffy, Eamon. The Bible also teaches that this world has been deceived by Satan the devil (Revelation 12:9) and that God’s people need to be separate from the world (John ; 2 Corinthians -17; Revelation 18:4). Nay more, we produce two witnesses, those who stood before Lord on Mount Sinai: Moses was in a cleft of the rock, and Elias was once in a cleft of the rock: they being present with Him at His Transfiguration on Mount Tabor (Cyril of Jerusalem. They have much in common with the Old Testament prophets Moses and Elijah ( Kurz W. And if anyone would harm them, fire pours out from their mouth and consumes their foes; if anyone would harm them, thus he is doomed to be killed. This Pope will have with him the great Monarch, a most virtuous man, who shall be an eminent leader of the holy line of French Kings.