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This is roughly how it works, said Zhan Jiang, a professor of journalism at Beijing Foreign Studies University, who used to work at CCTV. Xi’s chief aide, Li Zhanshu, who is head of the Communist Party’s Central Committee General Office, almost certainly discussed the reporting plan for the trip in advance with CCTV.

Protesters have been kept out of camera range of the president, and the chants from Free Tibet campaigners and adherents of the Falun Gong spiritual group have been too distant for microphones to detect.

Just as the White House carefully plots the course of coverage for a presidential trip overseas, so does the Chinese government.

At the time, the Chinese government was outraged at her candor. Xi presided over the meeting at the United Nations that commemorated the summit meeting 20 years ago, the photographs of three Chinese women who are detained for their opposition to the government were affixed to the facade of the United States Mission to the United Nations across the street from the United Nations.

The images are part of a display highlighting the persecution of 20 women in 13 countries who have been arrested for their political beliefs.

Jane Perlez, The New York Times’s chief diplomatic correspondent, followed China’s president, Xi Jinping, and documented key moments of his first state visit to the United States.

Look back at highlights here, and continue to follow Jane on Twitter and on Instagram. Xi around the products, and the campus, another chance for influence. Its operating systems are the most popular in China, but they are also the most likely to be stolen, causing billions of dollars in losses.

But for the most part it is difficult for the White House to dictate to the American news media how to cover events, or what video to shoot.