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But only recently has there been a well-designed study published showing that this is indeed the case.

It’s not that common for simple changes to relieve relentless, longstanding problems.

But when a child is made miserable by an allergy, removing the source can result in a rapid, dramatic improvement in the quality of life.

Tummy troubles of one type or another can make anyone feel miserable. If a child is intolerant to milk, this can affect how he feels every single day of his life.

Nausea, cramps, and pain can squelch the normal joys of discovery and mastery.

The redness, swelling, and fissures on their bottoms healed (, 1998; 300-1104).

How wonderful to finally have relief after diet and medicines hadn’t worked for so long!

The results were most dramatic in kids who also had frequent runny noses, eczema, or wheezing.