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Danny cipriani dating jordan

The England rugby ace, who infamously cheated on ex Kelly Brook, sent naked selfies of himself to model Danni Levy.

Danni reportedly told her friend: "I know I shouldn’t have been messaging him at the time, but I thought he was going to split up with Kirsty immediately."Instead he let it go on for ages before he ended their relationship.

’ She continued: ‘IAMKELLYBROOK ask danny about his emails & texes sent to me behind your back which ill show you kieran agrees he will never be faithful (sic).’ When a fan tweeted 35 year-old Katie about the joke, she replied: ‘I'm sure kelly wouldn't be laughing if I said the things Danny Cip said to me about her in the bedroom when I was with him hahaha (sic).’ Kelly hit back and implied that she was in touch with Danny, when he briefly dated Katie in October 2011.

She wrote: ‘No but I did laugh when he turned up at my house driving your car the next day ;) I don't think you know anything.’ Kelly has since been ignoring the comments, posting images of her holiday with boyfriend Danny in Tobago instead.

In her fifth and most explosive autobiography – out this week – Katie, 35, has finally revealed all the shocking and disturbing details about her famous exes.

And while mum-of-four Katie has had to suffer worse than Bridget Jones before meeting prince charming Kieran Hayler, 26, her book Love, Lipstick And Lies does do one good thing: provides us with some very valuable love lessons.

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On Thursday night’s episode, Kelly, 33, had mocked the glamour model’s third marriage to third husband Kieran Hayler, when host Keith Lemon asked the panel: ‘What did Katie Price do for her husband on their wedding day?

The two models have been embroiled in a feud since Kelly reunited with Danny in February and Katie called her a ‘heffer.’ She added: ‘Rumour has it she's been hanging out with our mutual ex Danny Cipriani.