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Daryl sabra and taylor dooley dating

But it feels more like a cheap kids' TV series than an actual movie.

And they soon realise that they're on some alien planet, acting as both prey and predators in some sick hunting game.

Then they encounter a jittery nutcase (Fishburne) who has somehow eluded attack for several years.

Continue: Machete Trailer Eight people wake up in freefall as they drop into a mysterious jungle.

It's clear that they've been carefully selected: the mercenary tough guy (Brody), brainy scientist (Grace), military hero (Braga), death-row maniac (Goggins), Russian fighter (Taktarov), Mexican brawler (Trejo), Yakuza killer (Changchien) and African warrior (Ali).

No one knows that Marissa is actually a super-spy who has retired to give birth to a daughter.

But now the world is being threatened by the sinister Timekeeper, and her boss (Piven) asks her to come back to work.

Then Toe finds a mysterious rainbow-coloured rock that has the ability to grant wishes.