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But it also contributed the federal government's tax deficit in the 1980s and '90s, leading Congress to repeal the 1976 tax break in 1996.

Strom Thurmond, the infamous southern segregationist, snuck in an amendment that barred Puerto Rico from being eligible for Chapter 9 bankruptcy, without giving any rationale for the move.

This has made it significantly more difficult for Puerto Rico to emerge from its debt crisis.

To make matters worse, the industry Puerto Rico had initially excelled in, agriculture, is now also in tatters — Puerto Rico has to import 85% of its produce.

This is yet another factor in the growth of the island's debt.

This led to a massive influx of businesses, particularly in the pharmaceutical industry, to relocate to Puerto Rico and jumpstart its industrial economy.

The effort paid off, and Puerto Rico's economy flourished.

But until something is done about Puerto Rico's debt, political isolation, and economic woes, it's future after the impact of Hurricane Maria may only become more dire.