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“This trend is an extension of American values like individualism, consumerism and a preference for convenience,” cinema studies instructor Caroline Claiborne said.

Silver Screen Video may represent a possible future for video rental stores.

In a way, Silver Screen Video is representative of the current landscape of video rental stores.

There are shelves of $1 video cassettes for sale and more than 10,000 DVDs — some of which haven’t been rented in years. Fox first time-traveled in “Back To The Future.” Three years later, Blockbuster had more than 500 stores and was the top video retailer in the United States.

For one, Flinn owns the building, so he doesn’t have to pay rent. Today, Flinn says Silver Screen is doing alright and has experienced an increase in customers since Eugene’s last Blockbuster store shuttered.

Flinn believes the store will still be in business even 10 years in the future.

“The point is that people like to browse, like in bookstores.

It’s not that hard to run, so I suspect it will keep going,” Flinn said.

The way we watch films is more individualized than ever.” Netflix preys on these values, enabling easy access on personal devices, such as laptops, tablets and smartphones, and only limiting access on TVs that have no online capabilities.