Start Dating after prostate cancer

Dating after prostate cancer

When Repper found herself in a serious relationship with a man she truly cared about, she was upfront about her mastectomy.

“If someone has a problem with it—enough to reject me because of it—there’s nothing I can do about that.

Her reconstructive surgery included a silicone implant on the mastectomy side and a lift for her healthy breast.

Since then, she says, she has gone on blind dates set up by friends and has done some online dating.

”Uncertainty regarding the “when” and “how much” is understandable, therapists say.

Bring up the issue too soon and you risk scaring away a potential partner; bring it up too late and the person may become angry that you withheld such an important detail.

In those situations, I’m glad that I didn’t reveal it in my online ad or on the first date.

It is a little stressful to do the big reveal, and it would be a waste of my time and emotions to go through that if there’s no long-term potential.” Mark’s experience with breast cancer has also influenced the way she relates to her clients.

After her diagnosis, she chose to specialize in the unique sexuality needs of cancer survivors, a population she did not specifically work with previously.