Start Dating an only child male

Dating an only child male

In your childhood, you learned that your younger sister was special and needed respect, kindness and lots of consideration.

You can also learn how to deal with a potential partner and learn what kind of conflict can exist between the two of you.

An example would be a first born wife married to a younger brother, she would have traits of being dominant and maternal. You are adored and loved dearly by your parents, and are smothered with attention.

You're nervous, dominant and pushy, he's calm, relaxed, easy going and agreeable.

Most girls with younger brothers like to tease, play and baby man. A Younger brother of brothers is also a good match for you.

The younger sister of brothers also feels this attraction, because she yearns for a boy who is a natural leader like her older brother.

An older sister of brothers isn't a good match for you because you'll both fight to become a leader in the relationship.

Birth order seems to be a reliable predictor of personality and romantic compatibility.

You can predict the best match for you, and learn how to win the heart of the love of your life according to their birth rank.

You also have a natural ability to lead and excel in business because they enjoy status and recognition.

Since you grew up in a family that lacked female siblings, you tend to have a hard time understanding women and being romantic.

This brings in conflict as other firstborns tend to be just as dominating as you.