Start Dating eros escorts miami

Dating eros escorts miami

Sophie Laurent may ruin us for other less perfect, less clever women and we are prepared to take that risk for one night of celestial beauty and exquisite fantasy. This dark chocolate vixen has the tightest body we’ve ever seen.

I have also set up customer appreciation, 2 or more visits per month will receive a 10% discount.

Hopping this will make it more accessible to my friends and yes the receipt and invoice is discrete; taylor4u XOXO TS TAYLOR Read More Several people have been using my pic all over the country.

One reason for the move to Harlem is the cultural history and the renaissance it is currently undergoing.

Harlem is a vital, thriving neighborhood that I feel very comfortable in and love coming home too.

As it is my first time in Paris please make appointments as I will be doing some site seeing ....

Lol Xoxo Taylor Read More Hello gentlemen and sissies, I am returning to central London fie 2 1/2 weeks of fun.

Her joy is catching and refreshing (and that’s just from the neck up.) From the neck down Alysha is serious business; hold on to your belt buckles, guys. Hell, we’d buy a pool just to see if we could lure her home. Something tells us she’d be down for modeling whipped cream bikinis too, so be sure to save room for dessert. Miss Bree has a laundry list of fantasies that she has whipped up as well, giving us insight into the non-stop erotic playground that is her mind.

If you don’t care for blonde bikini models, well frankly we’re worried about you. We can’t decide whether we like her rolling around in the sand in tiny swimwear or rolling around on the furniture in tiny lingerie better. A taste of the menu: naughty school girl, sexy secretary, something involving “fruit and sauces” served off her body. This girl does doubles too (not tennis, focus.) Bree is so enthusiastic, spankable and entirely edible that she’s our number one “yes woman” in the Midwest.

XOXOX TAYLOR Read More I am headed on the road again, maybe to a town near you!

I have decided to leave for the road for a few months, as I need to get away and see more of the world.

She doesn’t have that jaded “been there done that” look, she’s in the wrong place at the right time so go get her, tiger. We’d just like to thank Venezuela for gifting us the kind of ass that causes multi-car pile ups.

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