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Dating for sex in albania

Trafficked are usually girls from rural areas, from families with very difficult financial situation.

In the chat he said: ‘You are 14, I could go to jail for this.’ Hunters from Guardians of the North then tracked where the messages were coming from and turned up at the B&B Matranxhi was staying in, in Percy Main, North Tyneside.

They detained him and held him to the floor until police arrived and arrested him – finding two condoms in his pockets.

Prosecutor David Lamb said: ‘The messages began in an innocent fashion with the defendant saying “hi”.

The prices vary from 1,500 (€12) to a few thousands Leke.

Little has been done to estimate the epidemiological situation among CSW.

Out of the 24 women living with HIV/AIDS in Albania, 4-5 have probably been infected through CSW.

The most affected strata were the population living in the rural area, the families that migrated from rural to the urban area and some ethnical minorities (Roma people and Evgjite community).