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Dating for very fat people only

It is likely that all of the early hominins, including humans, supplemented their diets with protein and fat rich termites and ants just as some chimpanzees do today.

He based this mainly on the shape and position of the base of the brain cast.

It indicated that the , or hole in the skull through which the spinal cord passes, pointed downward and was nearly at the central balance point of the skull.

This meant that the Taung child must have been bipedal.

In addition, the canine teeth were relatively short.

In both of these traits, the Taung child was much more like a human than an ape.

Most paleoanthropologists in the 1920's rejected Dart's claims that Australopithecus africanus was intermediate between apes and humans in favor of the view that it was just an ape.

Orrorin lived about 6 million years ago, while Ardipithecus remains have been dated to 5.8-4.4 million years ago.