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Additionally, on January 1, 2009, he became a DJ for KBS1FM Yiruma's Music from All Around the World.

Yiruma released his third album, From The Yellow Room in 2003.

Pre-order sales topped 30,000 copies, and the album was top-ranked on many popular music charts, including Yes24, Phono, and Hot Tracks.

Early in his career, his albums were released in Europe and Asia; they are now available internationally through various online sources such as i Tunes, Amazon, and Yiruma's recording label STOMP Records.

Though successful in the music industry, Yiruma, as all South Korean males are required to, joined the South Korean military.

Lee Ru-ma was born and raised in South Korea and educated in England.

Yiruma began playing the piano at the age of five and subsequently moved to London at the age of 10 (1988), for the purpose of studying at the Purcell School of Music.

His 12-city Korean tour was a sellout, as well as his November concert at the Seoul National Arts Center. In 2006, the following year, he composed a main theme piece for a popular KBS drama, Spring Waltz.

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