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The building on the right, which served as a kitchen, laundry, and shower building, now houses the Dachau museum. National Archives)At one end of the Appelplatz was the largest building of the Dachau camp, often called the Maintenance Building today, which housed kitchen, laundry, and shower facilities, and is now the Dachau museum. Army soldiers are examining a stack of bodies found outside the crematorium during the libration of the camp. In 1945 it was assumed that these were gas chambers, but there is no evidence that prisoners were gassed here. Army photos)There was a gas chamber at Dachau (inside the new crematorium), and it may have been tested on prisoners, but there was no large-scale murder of prisoners there, as Dachau was not a death camp.

(See the links at the bottom of this page for further info about this.) The Dachau site included not only the concentration camp barracks and areas for prisoners (which were enlarged in 1937), but also an SS Kaserne and training complex, buildings of a World War I munitions factory, the so-called "plantation," and other nearby sites. The buildings shown here were in the SS Kaserne part of the site, which is now used by the Bavarian Police (closed to the public).

Looking out from the Jourhaus Gate, one views the route walked by the prisoners into the camp (directly behind this point of view).

The current memorial site ends at the end of this cobblestone walk, and beyond it can be seen the Kommandantur building, former workshop buildings, and the SS Kaserne, which are all outside the memorial site today.

Adjacent to this gate building was the entrance actually used by concentration camp prisoners.

The main rail line into the former munitions factory ran through here, and this is where prisoners got off the rail cars and were then marched through the SS compound to enter the prisoner compound through the Jourhaus Gate.

This iron gate door with the motto was stolen in November 2014; a replica was installed in April 2015.

The lettering on the replica apparently reproduces the lettering on the recent gate, not the original gate.

This line of small concrete bunkers is found along the southern side of the camp, behind the Maintenance Building and "Bunker," between the wire fence and the exterior concrete fence.