Start Dating mid life

Dating mid life

Plus, as O’Connor puts it: “It has never rained on me while walking the stairs.” So next time you’re considering the elevator, don’t.

Do you have to climb stairs to give yourself an energy boost? The study says 10 minutes of any mild exercise will do the trick.

But the authors chose walking up and down stairs because most office workers, of course, have them at the ready, and because they’re aware that many workers find going to the gym increasingly difficult.

“It’s not like I have expenses and obligations coming out of my ears,” he says.

People between 50 and 67 see working independently as insulating them from the vagaries of corporate life — 17% became entrepreneurs because of a job loss and another 17% left a job because they were unhappy, according to MBO Partners’ “The State of Independence in America” report, published in September.

To fight back, you do what everyone else does: you reach for another cup of Joe. Instead, you should probably pay a visit to your office stairwell.

Researchers from the Department of Kinesiology at the University of Georgia found that walking up and down stairs for ten minutes, or about 30 stories total, offers the same energy boost as 50mg of caffeine—roughly 4oz. But get this: the mini-workout has a much stronger effect on your ability to get back to work than any Venti from Starbucks.

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