Start Dating put away your credit card

Dating put away your credit card

the web page no longer exists, the product never arrived and the payment was debited to me. Have contacted my credit card to didpute the transaction :( no item or replies from the company. Company listed as being located at 2495 US-287, Westminister, Colorado when actually they are Ounce Limited in Hangzhou, China.

From my card on November 14, 2017 were written off cash in the amount of 75.76 USD.

transaction 2071000369177032Please clarify the details of the transaction, information on paid services and the reasons for initiating the write-off of funds.

The information above is from my credit card statement. The confirmation email just said it was from [email protected] That's vague! I´m going to wait for a few days and then I will accept the charge or not.

Anyone know anything about this company, please let me know. I only buy a product to vipserviceeu (or fashion online) of a facebook advertising. I have purchased a bag and purse from a company apparently in London and have been charged with this domain.

I was still waiting for my uggs to arrive but checked the bank to say i had been refunded. But the title of the shop was zappos, but dont think they are the actual store.

I was charge SGD 177.48 for an unknown purchase on Seems to come from china.

The Narrative on my bank statement reported is CTBILL *hardtimeltd 00001. (TD) This has also come up on my bank statement on 15th December 2017 and I have no idea what it is for.

I do not know the firm and have not placed any order with them. Just received my credit card bill and there is a charge of $208.66 from CC XKKJEIR TECH JILINSHENG foreign currency 1,051.97 CNY @ EXCHANGE RATE 0.19835. I have also bought quite a few things online for christmas but cannot remember purchasing anything from abroad. Anyone know what this site sells I ordered at fitflopsphilippines amounting to 1,406.40 last december 7, 2017 but up to this no slipper deliver yet.

When the payment went through I saw that the payment was processed by Saltwater Tech Hangzhoushi. My next move is to contact my bank and have them turned in for fraud. I placed an order with smart tech on the 24 th November I paid with my credit card since then I have tried numerous e mails to contact them but they never reply and I have never recieved this order why I have a charge from this named site for 399.08 and a charge from PES*for 699.14 on the same day - Dec 20, 2017. Going back into my history to hopefully find but what a pain.

There was nothing about China indicated on my order so I thought I would have received it before Christmas.

After I seen this I sent an email through that web sight to confirm order received no response. I got the Post Office to return to sender one months ago but never got a refund.