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Delhi – New Delhi is the capital of India and is situated within the larger area of Delhi.

Solomon’s matchmaking doesn’t just make for nice stories.

It has truly helped people manage their disease,” Kim said.

But little could have prepared them for the 70-year-old sari-clad doctor, whose spunk soon had them, as Desai recalled, “on the floor” laughing.“Lovesick,” scheduled to premiere Nov.

15 at the DOC NYC film festival, follows Solomon — who died in 2015 — and two of her patients, Karthik and Manu, as they navigate a society in which the filmmakers said marriage is a non-negotiable, but where relentless stigmas against HIV and AIDS makes it near-impossible for anyone to make their diagnosis public, let alone find a life partner.

Comparing viral loads and white blood cell counts alongside standard matchmaking criteria like religion and income, Solomon and her team play Cupid, working to bridge the gaps between social norms and unspeakable taboos."People haven’t considered what it means to be HIV-positive and find love, even though it’s such a universal need.

We hope ‘Lovesick’ opens that conversation by showing that a life of dignity is possible after a positive diagnosis.”"People haven’t considered what it means to be HIV-positive and find love, even though it’s such a universal need.

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