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Dating services dating enlightenment hobbes

Somewhat unfairly attributed to Renaissance political theorist Niccolo Machiavelli who wrote for an age where government and diplomacy had more life or death consequences.

A concept, originally Swedish, where parliament appoints a person to act as an official watchdog over bureaucracy on behalf of the public.

A philosophy advocating the rights of the individual as against the state or church as espoused by such eighteenth century English writers as John Locke and J. In modern times Classic Liberals have become either libertarians or small ‘l’ liberals.

A political philosophy of self reliance, reason and maximum non-interference by the state in matters of both economic and personal affairs.

Term derived from hotel lobbies where politicians were originally approached by applicants.

Nineteenth century British tradesman who rebelled against the technology of the industrial revolution making them obsolete, by organising riots to destroy the textile machinery of the day. Term now used to describe those opposed to technological progress.

The right of self-mastery to do, or refrain from doing an action, or otherwise be free from interference, as compared to the right to gain a specific benefit that would in most cases have a monetary value.

The right to speak freely / the right to having legal representation supplied when in court.

Above and below the line proportional representation voting.