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Dating site in exeter england

It was rebuilt in the Gothic style between 1245-1517.

Henry III rebuilt the Abbey in honour of the Royal Saint Edward the Confessor, whose memorial and relics were placed in the Sanctuary. Edward the Confessor has been the focus of pilgrimages to Westminster Abbey since the Middle Ages.

Henry III was buried nearby as were the Plantagenet kings of England, their wives and relatives.

The work was largely finished by the architect Henry Yevele in the reign of King Richard II.

Henry VII added a Perpendicular style chapel dedicated to the Virgin Mary in 1503 (known as the Henry VII Lady Chapel).

The Abbey was restored to the Benedictines under Queen Mary, but they were again ejected under Queen Elizabeth I in 1559.

In 1579, Elizabeth re-established Westminster as a "royal peculiar" – a church responsible directly to the sovereign, rather than to a diocesan bishop – and made it the Collegiate Church of St. a church with an attached chapter of canons, headed by a dean).

The New English Bible was also put together here in the 20th century.