Start Dating sites with credit scores

Dating sites with credit scores

I have no debt thanks to the GI Bill and currently work as an engineer.

Color Money question of the week How soon should dating couples share information about their credit score? Currier will be discussing recent reports by Pew on income volatility and financial shocks.

Twin reports by Pew show many families are economically fragile To join the discussion click this link.

— Nineteen percent of Americans think credit scores are never an important factor in a relationship.

So when is a good time to reveal your credit score while dating?

The answers are included on each user’s profile, alongside other pertinent dating information like age and hobbies. And which sex is more likely to consider a credit score a major influence in their dating decision? Fifty percent of women said a certain credit score might have them think twice about dating someone, while just 35 percent of men said it would factor into the appeal of a date, according to the latest Bankrate Money Pulse survey, which was conducted April 20-23 by Princeton Survey Research Associates International with a nationally representative sample of 1,000 adults living in the continental U. Here’s some additional data from the survey: — Older millennials (27 to 36) are the most likely to be concerned about credit scores.

In addition, the information gleaned by the algorithm, which Green said has a 92 percent accuracy rate, is used to match compatible site users.” For it’s survey, wanted to know if a bad credit score could hurt people’s chances of finding a partner. — Younger millennials (18 to 26) are most likely to say it has no impact at all.

He would try hard to find a new job, and we would live frugally and put a little extra money toward his federal loans every month to get them paid off as quickly as possible.

We agreed on a budget, a very small amount of money we could each spend for entertainment each month, and the amount of money that we could spend without consulting each other (miniscule.) We ate a lot of meals at home, and entertained in-house, rather than going out.” And the result?

Excessive indebtedness can damage your life almost as much as any substance addiction.” Henry in Montgomery County, Md., a widower and a retired Federal employee, wrote: “I have agreed to marry a wonderful woman who has a lot of debt.

We are not yet officially engaged, but we have agreed to marry in the near future (likely next year).

In creating a dating profile, requires users to disclose where they fall in a range of credit scores.