Start Dating someone has attempted suicide

Dating someone has attempted suicide

In the Fall of 1950 Sylvia entered Smith College in Northhampton, Massachusetts.

Having earned the position through an application process started the previous Fall, the experiences of this month were to mark a turning point for Plath.

On one particular day, she missed an unplanned lunch her editing manager spent with Dylan Thomas.

In high school she enrolled in the class of a tough English professor who challenged her abilities in the best of ways.

Otto was a professor of German and Biology (his specialty was bees) who was married, but separated thirteen years, when he met Aurelia.

Aurelia re-enrolled Sylvia in the 5th grade in her new school, feeling that studying already-familiar topics and being with children closer to her own age (Sylvia had started school nearly two years early) would help lessen the stress of the recent changes in her life.

Sylvia was still confused and angry about her father's death -- she sometimes felt that, in a way, he had committed suicide because he could have prevented his own death.

Throughout college she also dated many boys; the most serious relationship was with Dick Norton, a Wellesley neighbor.