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Dating the book of daniel

In any event, however, the traditional view could not place the extant form of the book later than half a cent. The critical view of authorship and date can be said to have begun with Porphyry, a 3rd cent.

So diametrically opposed are these views of authorship that the problems which they raise must be given some consideration.

The traditional opinion of authorship maintained that the book was in its final form during or shortly after the lifetime of Daniel, and that both the historical experiences through which he passed and the visions received were of a genuine nature.

canon, which by this time had become closed by common consent.

Characteristic of the sort of historical error popularly supposed to be present in Daniel is the assertion that the reference in Daniel 1:1 can be regarded only as anachronistic, since it implies that Jerusalem had been captured in the third year of Jehoiakim (605 ), and this conflicts with Jeremiah 25:1, 9; 46:2, which spoke in the following year as though Jerusalem had yet to fall to the Chaldean armies.

This book was placed in the Ketuḇim or third section of the Heb. VSS it occurs as the fourth major composition in the prophetic writings, following the order of the Alexandrian canon. This would indicate that he was descended from a noble family, since normally only prominent persons were taken captive in this manner.

The period of time covered by the historical and visionary sections of the book is slightly in excess of the full period of Heb. Daniel was apparently taken by Nebuchadnezzar to Babylon along with other Judean hostages in 605 , following a Babylonian attempt to subjugate Judah.

His comments on Daniel have only survived in quotation form, but show that his objections to the traditional view were based on the a priori supposition that there could be no predictive element as such in prophecy.

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