Start Dating the enemy 1996

Dating the enemy 1996

Many non-Muslims, including those who study Islam at an introductory university level, have absolutely no concept of the importance of hadith in Islam.

Ghulam Ahmad Parvez, born in 1903, in East Punjab, India, was one of the first Muslim critics of the hadith. Why did the hadith take 250-350 years to be compiled and why do Sunnis have different collections from Shi'ites? Yet, to this point, it is the Western scholars of Islam who have presented the most searching critique of the hadith collections.

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Simply put, the hadith are collected traditions about the of Muhammad.

Thus they are composed of sayings attributed to Muhammad, as well as the actions of Muhammad in various situations, both of which are held to serve as examples and guidelines for Muslim belief and practice.

The sunnah and ahadith are not to be taken as the wise sayings of sages and philosophers or the verdicts of rulers and leaders.

One should believe with full conviction that the words and actions of the Prophet represent the will of Allah, and thus one has to follow and obey them in each and every circumstance of life.

This is especially clear when one once again considers the role of the hadith in Islam.