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Dating tips women college

So if you live in Manhattan, you may want to set your online dating matches to include men from Staten Island and Westchester, a few of the rare places with more college-educated single men than women.

Date-onomics goes as far as to suggest factoring gender ratios into your college and job choices.

I'm skeptical of this advice, and Birger admits it has its limitations.

"For his book, Birger interviewed his rabbi about the nine couples he was about to marry.

Seven of them had the same story: "The men all had several options, and the women they married were the ones who pursued them most aggressively."Because there's so much competition out there, and because men find it refreshing to not have to pursue women and risk rejection, "the dating market favors aggressive women," he said.

But again, simply having an open mind to people of different educational backgrounds largely eliminates this problem.

When we exclusively go after college-educated men, they can use their sought-after status as leverage to get what they want out of relationships (or lack thereof).

"Your custom design of what your perfect match would be is not necessarily who you would click with."Birger predicts that the future will contain more of what he calls "mixed-collar marriages." "I just think it's inevitable, given the dating demographics, that we're going to see more educated professional women married to working-class guys," he said.

Though he admits he's not a dating expert, Birger says he's perplexed by the advice found in some dating experts' books, like "wait 34 hours to return his text message" or "if you sleep with him on the third date instead of the fourth date, your whole life is going to be ruined.""There is this myth out there that men love the chase," he said.

The best advice he can give is to "open your hearts and minds to men who are not college graduates." And he cautions against viewing this as settling or "dating down." We have an "unhealthy bias against dating across socioeconomic lines," he said, and this attitude disadvantages everyone, since plenty of non-college-educated people are intellectual and cultured and plenty of college-educated people are not.

"I reject the idea that dating a guy without a college degree is inherently settling."Only dating college grads not only limits women's options but also "puts way too much leverage in the hands of those college grad men," he said.

In my city of Manhattan, that ratio is even worse: about three to two.