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Dating under 18 laws

Statutory rape to sexually penetrate a person at least age 13 but less than age 18 if the actor is at least four years older than the victim.

The age of consent is the age at which a young person can legally agree to sexual activity.

Age of consent laws apply to all forms of sexual activity, ranging from kissing and fondling to sexual intercourse.

The age of consent in other states ranges from ages 14 to 18.

There is also a "close in age" exception for 12 and 13 year olds.

At age 19 I was not just dating, but also having sex with, a girl of 16. Hostile at first, she soon discovered that I was a generally law-abiding, ambitious, polite kid who didn’t smoke or drink.

The age of consent here is 16, thus no legal problems. Much preferable to the wannabe-thugs her daughter had dated before.

Most states do not refer specifically to statutory rape; instead they use designations such as sexual assault and sexual abuse to identify prohibited activity.