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and at the same time create a lovely space of freedom and ease for others to care about and for us without the pressure of our “needing” or “expecting” them to contribute to us.

Want to find recommended websites or activities to help plan out your future more refer back to your booklet, or click here to download one. During the team work workshop students considered the importance of team work in a quick activity, of which one tutor group really shone, well done 8TCO!

They were then asked to assign roles and complete a challenge - to make a poster explaining the importance of team work for others, using magazines and newspapers provided.

In the morning students completed different workshops focusing on employability skills such as team work or creative thinking as-well as interviewing local business employees in a "speed dating" workshop.

We can also do something even more radical, even life-changing: WE can Be The One who loves, accepts, and cares tenderly for us with sensitivity, attention, and devotion.

Geek is Glam is an annual one day event at Worcester Polytechnic Institute organized by the Girl Scouts of Central and Western Massachusetts.

Through an engaging day of hands-on workshops and interactive career panels, the girls in grades 4-8 are introduced to new areas of science and engineering.

While the array of dates obtained (which range from c. 25 000 BP) show a satisfactory correlation with other archaeological data, there are mismatches which suggest that some motifs were often imitated by later artists, and/or that the mineral accretions continued to form periodically, perhaps continuously, as a regional phenomenon over a long period of time. Proceedings of the first rock-picture dating workshop held at Woods Centre, Lucas Heights, 8 to 10 February 1996 under the auspices of AIATSIS, ANSTO and AINSE: 35–9.