Start Denudating


Spencer Tunick The neutralising move is only completed in that Spencer Tunick proceeds to sell his already neutralised form of streaking as... Often, it is museums or galleries (among them Saatchi & Saatchi) which take the initiative.

Things are different when it comes to public places in an urban context, where men spends his productive time.

It is impossible to summon up hundreds or thousands of people without making agreements about where and when, and these cannot possibly be kept secret.

With, as a further consequence, that the authorities are not only to be informed, but have to lend their cooperation as well, especially since there are photos to be made, which requires the necessary preparatory logistics.

Spencer Tunick The increase in scale has not the effect one might expect.

To begin with, it bereaves the undertaking of one of its most important charms: the effect of surprise.

We are dealing here with mere instrumental mimesis, not otherwise than is the case with most photos of happenings or land art.

That is probably why others focus on the event rather than on the document.

Spencer Tunick has been warned: initially, when he still worked on a modest scale, he repeatedly had collisions with the authorities and even had to spend some time in jail.