Start Describe the benefits of validating data on the server

Describe the benefits of validating data on the server

If the attack succeeds, Switcher alters the DNS settings of the router, making it possible to reroute DNS queries to a network controlled by the malicious actors.

When this happens, the trojan shows an HTML-based overlay on top of the original app, alerting the user of an error, and asking to reauthenticate.

Red Alert then collects the user’s credentials and sends them to its C&C server.

Adwind is a backdoor written purely in Java that targets system supporting the Java runtime environment.

Swticher attempts to infiltrate a router’s admin interface on the devices' WIFI network by using brute force techniques.

The team used this app to find more applications in the Tizi family, the oldest of which is from October 2015.

The Tizi app developer also created a website and used social media to encourage more app installs from Google Play and third-party websites.

The Be News app is a backdoor app that uses the name of defunct news site Be News to appear legitimate.