Start Dhcp not updating reverse lookup zone

Dhcp not updating reverse lookup zone

Configuring the DNS Server is performed by accessing the Main Menu and then running DNS Server.

If there's a space, then there's a space (and resolution will fail).

There is no where to configure a default domain name (search domain) and if you use a Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN), resolution will fail.

There is pretty good documentation from Synology on configuring your NAS for DNS, but I ran into several issues for proper configuration, so I decided to write this post to document how I was successful.

The Forward Zone is what translates the names you type (e.g. into an Internet Protocol Address (IP Address) (e.g. To create your Master Forward Zone select the Zones option from the DNS Server application, then click the Create button and select Master zone.

Configure the Zone as follows: I personally check Limit zone transfer and then leave it blank, which is effectively preventing any Zone Transfers from your server (which is as it should be).

This is also for IPv4 subnets, if you wanted to provide Reverse lookups for an IPv6 subnet, you'd need to change the dropdown from .to .ip6