Start Do people celebrate dating anniversaries

Do people celebrate dating anniversaries

I mean, by definition, an anniversary is something that occurs once a year, so you can’t very well have two of them, can you? Neither of us had any idea how or if we could make such a set-up work, but we knew there was something special between us, and for that night that’s all we needed. I guess our relationship is still young enough — and not yet complicated by the arrival of kids and whatnot — that we enjoy all that.

We celebrate by staying in a log cabin in Cairngorm Mountains, Scotland.

One day my husband never forgets and always celebrates in some way is the date we met.

Neither of us quite remember the actual date we met so we don't celebrate or consider it an anniversary. We spent months talking on the phone and occasional meetings but no official date as such.

We asked our Facebook fans whether they still celebrate their anniversary -- and we were rewarded with an earful.

"Being married a long time is a source of pride in today's world of high divorce rates," said Susan Speetzen. 1) "We will be married 45 years in March and we celebrate every year in some fashion.

"Of course being married 30 years call for a bigger celebration than the first few years." And here are the ways in which our fans celebrate. Some years bigger than others but always with our children and grandchildren.

This year we are going to have a large family portrait done! 2) "We use it as a 'free pass' for doing something special or purchasing something to spoil ourselves to honor another year properly -- and to add to our memories.

The 4th anniversary of our first date is Sunday, but now that we’re married, I don’t think we’re going to really celebrate.