Start Does carbon 14 dating disprove the bible

Does carbon 14 dating disprove the bible

They then establish the half life based on this ratio. The first assumption here are that the amount of C12 and C14 in the atmosphere have always been stable.

This means that once something dies C 14 begins to decay and the half life cycle begins, C12 and C13 the other carbons found in organic matter are stable and do not decay.

This type of dating suffers from the same assumptions as carbon dating that; the initial condition of the rock’s isotopes are known, that isotopes decay at the same rate over time, and that external conditions did not change the rate of decay.

Assumptions on Initial Condition and rate of Decay have big Implications: I will try to use an everyday example to illustrate the assumptions and how inaccurate they make the conclusions of dating rocks and carbon based objects.

In the case of Granite Uranium-238 (the parent) will decay into Lead-206 (daughter).

By determining the amount of parent and daughter isotopes present scientists assume that they can determine the age of the rock.

When this C14 is combined with oxygen it becomes carbon dioxide and is consumed by plants and animals, which we eat.

When a living thing dies the intake of C14 ends and the half life begins.

What do you think about the knife that was found recently and dated to be millions of years old?