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Donetsk datingsite

The only real thing is the professionalism of the site.

When i joined charmdate ,i didn't expect to find love.

Then i met this russian girl and she completely knocked me off my feet.

I lost my wife a few years ago and I have finally broken the shackles of loneliness; I am seeking a soul mate that has a different nationality and I am excited about it. I have an opportunity of feeling relaxed and accepted here among this sites members.

I am usually shy around girls and my friend recommended that i join this site.

We then made contact on Skype and she told me every detail of what goes on. I immediately quit Charm Date and have not paid them a penny since.

But to this day, it is hard to believe it was ALL fake, not just some of it but everything.

It always amused me, when I found so many women 40 looking so gorgeous...